Parish Pastoral Council

Pastoral Planning In The Diocese Of Killaloe

In 2011, Bishop Kieran O’Reilly invited the people of Killaloe Diocese to engage in a process of Listening, Conversing and Reflecting. We began by listening. A number of gatherings took place across the Clusters (pastoral areas) with both clergy and lay representatives. As part of the process a Pastoral Planning Team was established to meet with the Parish Pastoral Councils (PPC) of each cluster. Each PPC took this opportunity to share their concerns and to plan for the future. These gatherings formed the basis for our new Pastoral Plan, ‘Builders of Hope’. This Listening Process and subsequent Pastoral Plan put forward a sustainable vision for Pastoral Development in our Diocese where the gifts of each baptised person are recognised and encouraged. To assist the Diocese in this process, one full-time and two part time pastoral workers have been appointed to work on key areas of the pastoral plan. Priests and people are planning for a reality where lay people will share responsibility and move towards taking on key duties within the parish. We also hope to nurture personal and spiritual growth within the people in our diocese.

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